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Is there synchronization between emerging technology and skills to handle them?

July 27, 2013


Emerging technologies and developments in a sector require changing skills of the workforce in a company. The other factors also impact are new product development; technology enhancements and local factors. What the industry is addressing is on establishing these new agile technologies and developing them, do we have developments in training in these specifics, do we have people to deliver these changes-or to design these training functions. How does a company look training and development in a company? Is training part of business or not? 



July 24, 2013

Understanding of training

Training is an important word in the business world. The fortune companies have due core requirements imposed on their prospective employees, whether its fresh out of school or experienced. The developed countries have skill-training models to suit their country industry skill requirements. However training is just a part of the learning and unlearning in employees or fresh graduates for diligent fortune companies.

These companies also face the CMMI levels, ISO certifications, process standards, employability standards, research and development, testing/verifications and requires training in all of these areas. The companies always look into bottom line that is profit, and therefore training has to be imparted at the company level and has to look into factors as to how ‘any investment’ in training reflects on the profit and how much better is the investment decisions about training will maximize profit.

The important factor to understand and analyse is obtaining the skills required from ‘area-training’ is not acquired in 5 or 10 days, rather is an ongoing process where skills developed can be complimented with sensible management is of prime importance.

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May 13, 2011

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